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We have been memorizing scripture with our kids for years now - writing little (often cheesy) songs to help us remember the Word of God.  We use this site as a tool to help our children review the verses they have already learned, and we hope it can be useful to you and your family as well as you grow in the Lord.

We are a family of seven who love and serve the Living God.  Our five children range in age from 10 to infant.  The head of the family - Bryce - is a mechanical engineer.  And Erin is a domestic engineer.  We love the adventure of home education, cooking from scratch and enjoying the outdoors together as a family.  Born and raised in the Midwest, we now reside in North Texas.

Music has always been a big part of our lives, so it just seemed natural to make music a part of teaching our children God's Word.  It is amazing how quickly they can catch on to the tunes and the amount of scripture that they can learn (and remember!) when we use melodies to aid in the memory.  Our 2-year-old is starting to catch on to parts of the verses.  How fun!!  We're sure your family will experience the same!

The recording equipment around here is pretty low budget.  So, the quality isn't great, but the rich, deep truths of the Word are being portrayed - and that's the point.  Please bear with our primitive operation.  :)  

We hope that the music and scripture are helpful to your family as you seek to grow in your relationship with the Lord.  May He be lifted high and glorified always!!

Blessings to you,
the Drayers

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